Claudia Bokulich is a painter from Philadelphia. Entirely figurative, her oil paintings are centered around human

sexuality and gender roles in society. In some of her work, it becomes apparent how these things vary among

region, culture, and even era. Personal impressions are an important part of Claudia’s thought process; both how

people are perceived by others as well as how they perceive themselves. She addresses the “male gaze” in her

work and attempts to challenge the concept. Ultimately, much of her work is evocative of the impact that

societal conventions have upon the sexes, such as vanity, vulnerability and virility. 

Claudia gains image material from a variety of sources, and often collages these images on a small scale to

create a scene that is particular to what she is striving to portray. She then translates this image to the

canvas. Sources include baroque and renaissance master paintings, vintage photography and film stills.